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It was in early 2003 that we decided to take the plunge and purchase a dog to have as a family pet and so our journey began...
A picture of a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier caught our eye on a dog website a big teddy bear of a dog and we were instantly smitten. There was plenty of information available on the breed and apart from the high maintenance coat (which did admittedly worry me) the dog ticked all our boxes. We didn't however rush into a decision and took a whole year researching the breed, meeting breeders at their homes and at Wheaten Terrier events which are held up and down the country throughout the year.

After a year Dooley (CH Loofahsa Teenage Dirtbag) joined our family
Dooley the 'pet' became Dooley the show dog, and what fun I've had!
  He is now a Champion and I would like to thank all the judges who have thought so highly of our boy.
In June 2007 Saffie (Denzilly Truly Scrumptious at Saffini) joined us - a bundle of trouble and a great show girl.


Owning a dog can be very rewarding but it comes with great responsibility. As cuddly as these dogs look, they are a TERRIER. To get the best out of your dog it needs socialising and training. Wheaten's respond best to a 'reward based' method of training that is both sympathetic but firm. They are, in general, a breed that loves to please their owners. An intelligent and sensitive dog, they do not thrive as a kennel dog but part of the family. The coat also requires regular grooming - and not occasionally 'when the mood takes you.'


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